Black Hole Evénements carry out technical services in audiovisual since nearly 20 years and this thank to our rigour, our savoir-faire and a governing principle « the technical support of cultural event and the organisation of reception. »


Our proficiencies just as our many years of experience   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So we are bringing an artistic and technical solution to all of your projects


A lot of organisations or private indivual call on us to organise their events like weddings, concerts, festivals, exhibitions or student party


To face up to every request, we offer a lot of different services :

  • The sound system in the spot

  • The service of a professional DJ


  • Mise en lumière !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • The installation of reception tent


  • Curtains, net Curtains, Friezes, starry Sheets, Hanging


  • The structures, the hoisting, the stage


  • The videos showing and the daytime screens


  • The visual effects (foam machine, smoke machine…)


  • The electric distribution


  • The control room


  • The equipement rental thank to our complete catalogue

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