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We present several of our achievements below.

Each project is the subject of a study and 3D simulation to adapt your reception area to your taste.

For this project, we worked on different areas of expertise:

- The study of the project in 3D.

- The attachment of the supporting structure, the installation of the curtains and the floor covering (carpet).

- The creation of the kitchen area (floor, lighting and blackout).

- Interior decorative lighting, tables and the center of tables, the installation of chandeliers.

- 4.2 multicast sound and DJ.

- Supply and installation of curtains (organza sheer).

- The lighting of the car park, but also of the park.

- The marking of the path leading to the reception room

with sparkling LED garlands (over 800 m).

- Electrical distribution of the site and the kitchens.

Wedding Planner: Hera Marriage.

For many years, we have been working at the Château de la Canière for weddings, we regularly install different types of equipment according to the needs of each couple:


- Secular ceremonial sound system, with music stand, hand microphones, gooseneck microphones and lavalier microphones.

- Sound system for the cocktail party, the swimming pool, the atrium and all the lounges and DJs ...

- Laying of stage and red carpet and light decoration (outdoor garland ...).

- Autonomous LED projectors (on battery) for coloring and decorating lounges and the atrium.

- Robotic lighting for the dance floor, colorization of the building ...

- A full HD video projection system with video screen and flat screens in the lounges.

Wedding Planner: Hera Mariage, DLG, the dream workshop ...

Several very welcoming installations where the technique has been able to highlight and give life to an exceptional building. The castle of the building is the ideal place to organize your receptions in a refined atmosphere and in an exceptional setting with the French garden and the main courtyard.

We regularly install:

- Tents and furniture for the ceremony and the cocktail party.

- The sound of the cocktail.

- Multicast sound and room, DJ.

- Chinese ball pose (change of colors ...).

- Structure and lifting (hoist and structure ...).

- The installation of white drapery and garland.

- Traditional lighting of tables and robotics.

- Decorative wall lighting (color of your choice).

- Full HD motorized 305 cm screen video protection ...

Wedding on the theme of Southeast Asia.


The Black Hole Events team has recreated the atmosphere and the settings in the heart of the Puy chain, in Auvergne, for an exceptional wedding.


The exotic details of a dinner and an evening in the jungle ... but in the heart of Auvergne!


We were able to set up different installations:

- Sound system for the ceremony, the cocktail party, the tent (dinner) and the dance floor with national DJs.

- Site lighting, parking, markings ...

- Lighting of the mansion and the park, the tent ...

- Installation of the Asian parasol decoration and lighting.

- Electrical distribution of the site and the caterer.

Organization: Belle Prod

A hay barn built in local stone, a roof in Brive slates and a frame in the shape of an overturned boat.

The goal, transformed this unique place into a real cozy reception room. I ndisadvantage of size, this room is devoid of electricity and water: p ari raised and successful thanks to our team.


Our desired client, LED lighting of the barn to highlight the exposed stone and thus play between shadow and light, but also:

- A study with a 3D simulation.

- Warm lighting projected directly onto the tables.

- A sound system for the cocktail party and the room in multicasting with dance floor and DJ.

- Robotic lighting and walls (PAR LED)

- An entrance to the barn created with black curtains and a cloakroom area.

- Development of hay carts.

- Video projection onto a 240 cm motorized screen.

- Installation of a generator and electrical distribution for the caterer.

Miremont Castle (63)

Several times a year, we work at the Château de Miremont, in this unique place, rich in a warm environment, we regularly install:


- Decorative garland (guinguette, Edison ...) .

- Sound system for the secular ceremony and the cocktail party.

- Multicast sound system in 6.2 or 4.2 with DJ.

- Decorative interior and exterior lighting (park ...).

- Enhancement of floral arrangements.

- Lighting of tables, walls ...

- Robotic lighting for the dance floor, colorization of the building ...

- The hanging.

- A full HD video projection system with a 3 or 4m video screen.

- The markup of the park with autonomous projectors.

The Château de Parentignat, baptized the little Versailles of Auvergne by Henri Pourrat is a must for the curious visitor.


We regularly supply our customers, for:

- the installation of tents and furniture for the ceremony and the cocktail party.

- Sound system for the ceremony with lectern and stage.

- Multicast sound and room, DJ.

- The installation of a 30m long LED grid.

- The installation of a white curtain to create an elegant storage area (catering).

- The light decoration with LED garlands.

- Decorative lighting of the walls (color of your choice) and architectural (colorization of the facade of the castle).

- Full HD video projection with 3 to 4m screen.

- Halogen lighting on totem pole to enhance tables.

Davayat Castle receives events, whether professional or private, including weddings.

A main courtyard guarded by two magnificent stone lions provides access to this splendid 17th century Auvergne mansion. The French garden and the immense park are also remarkable.

On the program during our various interventions:

- Tent installation for secular and cocktail ceremonies, with furniture and sound system.

- Marking and lighting of the park, the facade and the car park ...

- Sound system in the orangery and annexes with DJ.

- Decorative lighting of entrance and walls.

- Various decoration: Chinese balls, LED tree, garland, highlighting of tables with projectors with 3 types of white (warm, daylight and cold).

On the occasion of a wedding we transformed the village hall of Varennes-sur-Morge into a reception hall.

The newlyweds we choose a contemporary style and focused the evening on the aspect "clubbing", either:

- An aluminum structure system supporting all the equipment and decoration.

- The lighting and coloring of the tables.

- Indirect lighting of aluminum poles.

- Robotic lighting with a dozen lyres.

- Multicast sound system in 4.2.

- The blackout of the bay windows and the paneling with totally opaque black curtains.

- The decoration of the ceiling with opaque white and fireproof curtains.

- Video projection on a 240cm electric screen.

For the occasion, the room has put on its finest evening dress.

In a green setting, the newlyweds wanted a decoration of the room in a mixture of styles between chic country and Asia!

Thanks to our 3D study, we realized and installed a tailor-made service:

- Two sound systems: one for the reception and one for the multi-broadcast sound system in 4.2 for the hall.

- The installation of engines and supporting structure.

- The installation of white curtains on the 3 sides of the room (blackout of doors and paneling).

- The colorization of white curtains.

- Table lighting with shutter projectors for a cinema effect.

- Robotic lighting with about ten automatic ones.

- The installation of 24 Chinese balls with projectors controlled remotely (change of colors, effects, graduations ... Ideal for the dance floor.

- Video projection on a 240cm electric screen.


The room was transformed respecting the guidelines and theme of the bride and groom.


In an atypical environment in the middle of summer pastures at an altitude of 1220 m is the lake of Estives.
The panorama is magnificent with the view of the Sancy massif and the Cantal Mountains.

Multiple installation possibilities are possible.

In particular, on the occasion of several weddings:

- The installation of tents, furniture and a sound system for the secular ceremony.

- For cocktails, folding tent, sound system ...

- Outdoor lighting: trees, marking the path leading to the lake ...

- Colorization of stone walls (LED bar) ...

- Light decoration: garland garland, 10mm amber garland ...

- Sound system in the various rooms and outside.

- Curtain installation to obscure the kitchen.

- Sound and lighting of the dance floor with DJ.

The domain of Mialaret is a 44 hectare natural setting with its castle (hotel-restaurant), its chalets , lodges and forests, its large tents and its campsite. Thanks to its charm and its exceptional geographical location, this area is an oasis of calm.

We regularly adapt the reception room for our customers:


- Hiding of the rows of neon lights with hangings, awning and colorization of the ceiling.

- Installation of LED curtain in front of the kitchen.

- Installation of chandeliers, Chinese balls or garlands.

- Decorative lighting of walls and tables.

- Decoration of exterior entrances.

- Sound system for the ceremony and cocktail in front of the castle.

- Sound system in the room in 4 or 6.2.

- Parking lot lighting, outdoor garland installation.

Wedding Planner: Hera Marriage.

The Château de Chouvigny is a 13th century fortified building overlooking the Sioule valley. It is one of the last examples of military architecture from the Middle Ages and a fascinating vestige of this distant era.

The project for our teams? Make the best use of all the spaces in the castle for a wedding.

- The upper terrace, with a bird's eye view of the Sioule gorges, transformed for the cocktail service with sound and decoration.

- Enhancement of the cavalry courtyard as a cozy space for dinner: walls, towers, ramparts ...

- Architectural lighting of all facades.

- Sound system in the lounges inside, the cavalry court, the dungeon terrace ...

- Warm white lighting of the entire cavalry court for the lighting of the tables.

- Electricity distribution of the domain (lighting and catering).

- Sound and lighting of the dance floor with DJ.

The site of the castle of Maulmont, was in the 13th century the commandery of the Templars of La Gagère, built by the Grand Master of the Order of the Temple, Renaud de Vichy. Princess Adelaide (1777-1847) made it a hunting lodge. Alfred du Guèrinet, in 1890, he approached the architect Honoré Vianne in order to transform the building into a real castle.

The sumptuous oak-paneled "Great Hall" and the custom-made marquee that extends from it enjoys exceptional views over the valley and offers a fabulous setting for a dinner reception.


For many weddings, we adapt the different rooms:

- Installation of a stage and a sound system for the secular ceremony under the pergola.

- Multicast room sound system.

- Cocktail sound system in the interior courtyard.

- Decorative lighting and video projection in the rooms and the tent.

- Creation of a dance-floor space with DJ, in the bar room.

- Installation of several video screens or flat screens.

Close to Riom, this ballroom receives many weddings, it offers many advantages such as a private green space and high ceilings.

A young married couple consulted us for the transformation of this room with the theme: the baroque style.

We carried out a 3D layout study, with the specifications: the concealment of the wood parts by combining two shades: white and black without forgetting the decorative part:

- Indoor and outdoor sound system with DJ.

- Installation of an aluminum supporting structure.

- Laying of white and black curtains.

- Decoration of the room with white and black curtains but also with LED.

- Table lighting and decoration with the addition of 82 cm chandeliers.

- White curtain lighting with LED bars.

- Special effects: heavy smoke, confetti cannon ...

The old stables of the Château de Collanges have been restored and refitted into a reception hall for weddings and all event events, retaining the cachet of this 19th century building.

Of course, we intervene regularly to match the decoration and lighting of this room with the theme chosen by the married couples:

- Park sound system: ceremony, cocktail ...

- Outdoor lighting: decoration, facade colorization ...

- Interior decoration: garlands, hangings, curtains ...

- Lighting of tables, walls and vaulted ceiling.

- 4.2 multi-broadcast sound system: a guarantee of homogeneity for this large hall.

- HD video projection on screen 240 to 4m base.

- Installation of tents and outdoor furniture.

The Martinanches bring a sweetness that surprises and seduces. Nestled in the countryside, at the bottom of a valley in a park and surrounded by a moat, the 11th century castle was mainly remodeled in the 15th century, then in the 18th century.

In this unique property, we work together with our clients to accentuate the beauty of places:

- Installation of tents, furniture for the ceremony and the cocktail party.

- Sound system for the reception, the ceremony, the room with the mezzanine (multi-broadcast 6 to 8.2) and the DJ area.

- The lighting of tables, exposed stone walls and the dance floor.

- Installation of video projector with screen of various sizes: 180 cm to 400cm, see flat screens on the mezzanine.

- Colorization of the facades and enhancement of the interior courtyard.

In the heart of lush greenery, this six hectare estate, a former summer camp site, is ideal for immortalizing the beautiful moments of your life, weddings, baptisms, birthdays ... It is also perfect for seminars and professional events.

Located 15 km from Clermont-Ferrand (63) near Lake Aydat, and close to a motorway exit, it is easy to access the Pradat Haute area which offers the rental of a 135 m2.

- Park sound system: ceremony, cocktail, with DJ set and saxophonist.

- Installation of furniture for the cocktail party.

- Exterior lighting: decoration, facade colorization.

- Interior decoration: garlands, curtains ...

- Lighting of tables and walls.

- HD video projection on a 2m base screen.

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