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Concerts et Festivals



For the organization of your musical events, we study your specifications with you and put everything in place to satisfy them.

Our services intervene in the disciplines which are:


The study of your project (AutoCad 2D and 3D, Wysiwyg, SketchUp, acoustic simulation ...).

  • The general and technical management of your event.

  • The stage and the structure, they are what draw the framework of your event.

  • Occultation (stage curtains, Kabuki system ...).

  • The energy distribution of the stage and your site.

  • The lighting of the site and the scenic lighting, it is the creator of atmosphere.

  • Video (capture and broadcast).

  • Sound systems for stages and security.

  • Special effects (CO², confetti, spark, heavy smoke ...)

  • Tents and decoration (boxes, bars, backstage ...).

  • IT (wifi network, optical fiber ...).

  • Intercom system communication ...).

We work with you, if you want your post-production corresponding videos to your specifications.

Tumbao Bueno
Festival des IV Pierres
Concert Pwo Do Sitter - Casino de Chatel
OHMV- 150 ans (2)
Hiraeth (4)
Festival Warm Up
Hippocampus 2019
Festival Warm Up
OHMV- 150 ans (3)
Festival Warm Up 2013 (90)
Hiraeth (3)
Festival Warm Up 2013 (84)
Concert église
Festival Warm Up 2013 (68)
Festival Warm Up
Festival Warm Up 2013 (12)
Festival Warm Up
Festival Warm Up
Tumbao Bueno
Festival Warm Up
Tumbao Bueno
De Si De La
Tumbao Bueno
Tumbao Bueno
Tumbao Bueno
Concert église
Tumbao Bueno
Tumbao Bueno
CFC all Stars
Tumbao Bueno
Concert église
Salons et expositions



Depending on your needs, we create your communication space by highlighting your products.

We use 3D simulation to design the stand that will suit you perfectly.

We offer you solutions that will guarantee a visual impact, quality of execution and irreproachable service.

We put in place all the necessary elements:

  • Aluminum structure.

  • Lighting.

  • The video.

  • The logo projection.

  • The bright decoration.

  • Curtains, drapes, curtains and starry backgrounds ...

  • The furniture.

  • Signage.

We can ensure permanence for the duration of the show and can assist you with all technical services.

Défilé de mode - Conseil général du Puy
Défilé de mode - Conseil général du Puy
Salon du mariage
défilé de mode
Salon de la technologie
News (26)
Soirées Étudiantes



Black Hole Events can also accompany you during your student parties.


Depending on your instructions and your needs, we will create a decoration in line with the theme of your evening.

Also, we will ensure the sound and lighting (dance floor and meals).

We also work with national and international DJ's and artists who will meet your musical demands.

We offer a full technical event management service to make your evenings as successful as possible.

Inter IUT 2010 (6)
Inter IUT 2010 - 2 (2)
Inter IUT 2010 (46)
Inter IUT 2010 (52)
Mousse étudiant (2)
Canon confettis UE ST500+ (3)
Remie de Diplomes



We adapt the technical needs according to your specifications and we present a 3D simulation of the stage space (plenary, cocktail, reception ...).

We can provide:


  • The general and technical management of your event.

  • The stage, the structure and the sets.

  • Stage lighting

  • Electrical distribution.

  • Video (capture, projection, internet broadcasting and recording

  • IT tools.

  • Sound ( musical groups, parade, award ceremony, speeches, etc.).

We also work with experienced DJ's who will meet your musical demands.

If necessary, we can take care of the complete management of your event.

Ecole d'architecture de Clermont-Ferrand
RDD Sigma 2019 (3)
Convention en ligne
Ecole d'architecture de Clermont-Ferrand
RDD Sigma 2019 (7)
Président Homme
RDD Sigma 2019 (2)
RDD Sigma 2019 (1)
Présentation de conférence
RDD Sigma 2019 (9)
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